Key to Barrels and Surf Longevity with Sam Hammer and Dave Santa Maria

In this conversation, Sam Hammer (@hammered_sam) and David Santa Maria (@davidjames80) of @surfhealthpro discuss various aspects of surfing, including getting barreled and maintaining fitness for longevity in the sport. They emphasize the importance of choosing the right board, picking the right waves, taking off behind the peak, developing paddle fitness, and improving hip mobility and proper technique for pop-ups. They also discuss the value of patience in surfing, the process of overcoming fear and becoming comfortable in bigger waves and the influence of social media on surfing expectations. They also share some tips on health, PT, and rehab for beginner to intermediate surfers and talk about the importance of accountability in sticking to a plan.

Show notes with time stamps at the bottom 👇

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00:00 Introduction and Surfing in New Jersey

03:09 Discovering the Potential of Waves in New Jersey

11:31 Importance of Taking Off Behind the Peak

19:08 Board Choice for Getting Barreled

24:14 The Importance of Paddle Fitness

29:59 Maintaining Hip Mobility for Surfing

38:50 Technique and Training for the Pop-Up

42:37 Overcoming Fear and Getting Comfortable in Bigger Waves

46:31 The Importance of Picking the Right Waves

47:54 The Influence of Social Media on Surfing Expectations

48:52 The Value of Patience in Surfing

50:16 Maintaining Perspective and Enjoying the Ocean

51:16 Tips for Health, PT, and Rehab

52:40 The Importance of Accountability in Sticking to a Plan

53:10 Success Stories in Surfing Rehabilitation

55:08 Tips for Beginner to Intermediate Surfers

56:40 How to Reach Out for More Information