Leah Dawson: Finding the magic spots on your surfboard

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In this week’s podcast episode, join me and Leah Dawson ( @leahloves ) as we dive deep about finding the magic spots on your board to improve your style in surfing and how to fix your stance for generating more speed.

00:00 The Art of Style: Becoming One with the Wave
04:42 The Progression of Women's Surfing: Opportunity and Experience
08:59 Studying Lineups: The Key to Catching More Waves
27:34 Mastering Paddling Skills and Efficiency
30:57 Unlocking Your Feet for Successful Surfing
36:44 Exploring Different Surf Craft
43:08 Developing Personal Style in Surfing
45:00 Finding Joy in Standing and Going Fast
50:15 Improving Posture and Maneuverability

51:14 Leah's Retreats and Courses

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