One of the best surf clips of all time - Ryan Burch in Psychic Migrations

If you haven’t seen this film, drop everything and watch it now. It has to be some of the most unique surfing ever captured on film. The way the director Ryan Thomas shot on film and scored it was pure magic.


It’s an incredible synthesis of all these art forms: board building, dancing on a wave, music and film making - that get layered together to create something beautiful. I think that’s what makes surfing such a unique activity that transcends beyond just sport into something much more.


Ryan's technique and style is insane as well. The fact that he's riding a 5.3 twin keel fish in chunky barreling waves and doing these tweaked out bottom turns and going into explosive top turns is mesmerizing. You wouldn't think he'd have this much control on a twin fin with a wide tail. And the way he does all that while still maintaining this effortless sense of playfulness is mesmerizing and artful.
Here's a link to the video:
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