Surf Tips: Victor Bernardo, Matt of Album Surf & Anthony Spencer

Hope you're scoring somewhere in the world this February! I’m stoked to catch you guys up on all the gnarly conversations I’ve had with this month’s special guests. 🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♀️

Here’s a quick recap of podcasts with some of the best surfers and shapers around the world this February:

Surf Podcast, Victor Bernardo, Matt Parker, Album Surfboards, Anthony Spencer

Check out the podcast videos below along with some of our favorite tips from each episode. 


"Besides watching your footage and going over the clips? I would say just relax and feel the board. Move your feet around, like see what, gives you more speed on the board. Usually farther up on the board is where you're getting more speed. And then when you wanted to do turns, you scooch that stance back and step all the way back in the tail and just use your upper body. Mentalize, like when you're mentalizing you envision yourself doing something, you can go out and make it happen, you know?"

- Victor Bernardo



“Nobody wants to be a kook. Everyone wants to look competent. So sometimes people are afraid and they kind of limit what they will get out of surfing. My philosophy really is if no one was on the beach and you were there by yourself and the waves were fun, what would you actually ride? What would you actually choose? So what is giving you the most fun and what is giving you the best experience?” 

- Matt Parker of Album Surf 



"I really didn't use to be stylish at all. I used to be quite junky, even with longboarding, I just couldn't seem to make it look as good as anyone else, which I struggled with for a long time. But what really helped was going to a real traditional longboard and that really just forced me to slow down and focus on the smaller things rather than trying to do too much. And in doing that, that passed over to my twinnie and then I was kind of like, hang on, it feels so nice when you do less on a longboard, let's try that on a shorter twinnie"

- Anthony Spencer



Hope you learned a thing or two from our podcasts! Stay tuned for next month’s content! 🤙🤙🤙

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