Duke Aipa: On radical innovations in surfboard design

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In this week’s episode, Duke Aipa (@aipasurf), son of the legendary Hawaiian Shaper Ben Aipa, joins us to share the backstory of his father’s inventions, the "Swallow tail" and "The Sting" style boards and discusses how he continues his dad’s legacy by combining elements of past and present to create innovative boards like the Dark Twinn, the Modern Sting and the Wrecking Ball. 

00:00 Introduction and the Legacy of Ben Aipa
05:38 The Invention of the Sting
13:19 Duke Aipa's Unique Designs: The Dark Twinn and the Wrecking Ball
28:49 Finding the Right Foot Position on a Twin Fin
39:18 The Wrecking Ball: A Super Groveler with Unique Design Characteristics

41:14 Conclusion and Future Innovations

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