Unlocking the Kinetic Chain with Okia Surfing

In this episode, we welcome back Richie Murua of @okia_surfing, the head ISA coach for the Guatemala team. Richie shares his insights on the kinetic chain of movement and how it can unlock your surfing, whether it’s really as simple as looking where you want to go or opening your arms to turn the surfboard, the secrets of weight distribution, the subtleties of pressure when doing a front leg extension, the correct stance to maximize speed generation, the exact place where you want your front foot placed on the surfboard, how to do a beach observation and catch more waves, the mental approach for overcoming waves out of your comfort zone, the three things that will knock you off your surfboard, and how he prepares his team for the ISA games. This is a must-listen for anyone who wants to improve their surf technique and learn from a top-level coach. Tune in and get ready to be blown away by Richie’s knowledge and passion.

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