Wooly TV Reviews: The surfboards that blew his mind

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@wooly_macpherson_surf_coach of Wooly TV, a surfboard reviewer and surf coach shared with us the boards that blew his mind. He dove deep into the tips on how to get better at surfing and how to find the perfect board for you.

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Story behind the Massive Wave
03:32 Early Surfing Experience
05:29 Growing Up in Mandurah
06:08 Free Diving and Surfing
06:31 Getting into Competitive Surfing
08:21 Struggles and Overcoming Hurdles
10:31 Mental Preparation for Competitions
13:44 Technique and Unlocking Potential
15:00 Importance of Paddling Technique
19:31 Takeaways from Paddling Technique
22:45 Choosing the Right Board
24:53 Importance of Volume in Boards
28:16 Bigger Framed Surfers and Board Recommendations
33:10 Performance Boards for Bigger Surfers
34:00 Favorite Mid-Length Boards
34:14 Surprising Boards: The Big Baron
38:15 The JS Baron Flyer Twin
40:15 The Slater Designs Flat Earth
50:04 Favorite Board for Small Waves: The Damn Animal
51:54 Most Popular Boards at the Surf Shop
55:25 Tips for Improving Surfing as You Get Older
59:02 Surfing One Wave for the Rest of Your Life: Snapper Rocks

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