Surf Tips: Almond Surfboards & Ombe Surf

Here’s a quick recap of podcasts with some of the best surfers, coaches, and shapers around the world this March:



Check out the podcast videos below along with some of our favorite tips from each episode.

"I just have a lot more fun when I bring a bigger board out and I catch a lot more waves. And the waves are usually pretty crappy, but when you're out there hooting and hollering, even in blown out surf with your buddies and everyone's on a log, it can be really fun. We felt like the right attitude, the right equipment, even two foot days can be firing."

- Dave Allee of Almond Surfboards

“I can go to a skate bowl where we lower the stakes where they can do it again and again and again, and we can figure it out how to move your body. I'm not teaching you how to surf. I'm teaching you the most efficient way for you to move your body where you can feel something. Then you go into the water. I spend most of my time undoing bad habits than I do teaching correct habits.”

- Clayton Nienaber of Ombe Surf


Hope you learned a thing or two from our podcasts! Stay tuned for next month’s content! 🤙🤙🤙

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