Surf Tips: Adam Knox, Philippe Malvaux & Hunter Jones

Are you ready to improve your surfing? It’s almost the end of the month, that just means another collection of surf tips from some of the best surfers and coaches in the world! Sit back, relax, and let us walk you through what went down this month of June. 🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♀️

Here’s a quick recap of podcasts with some of the best surfers and coaches around the world this June:

Check out the podcast videos below along with some of our favorite tips from each episode.



"So the whole back foot, front foot argument, I don't really get it. I talked to Taylor about it and he's like, well look at Parko, right? It's all about how much rail you have in the water, right? Because Parko was really back footed, but he transitions from front foot to back foot and then as he comes through, then he gets more back footed once he sets his board. You have to give your board a path. The board doesn't want to do anything flat. It needs to roll over and once it rolls over then you can apply pressure. So that's one of the biggest mistakes I see people do."

- Adam Know


Kanoa is an amazing surfer, and he said, Hey, I want to improve my forehand, carving turn. and I was like, okay, I'm going to put on the table a few aspects and you try. So I was like, okay, maybe you push too much at the beginning and not enough at the end. And then I was like, oh, we checked the video and was like, maybe you should just open your hips a little more. and he was giving me the feedback, oh, my back knee is going more tucked inside.I feel it better. And I was like, okay, bend your front foot.the leg is too extended, He was starting the carve on the back foot and pushing. I was like, no, start the carve on the front foot, turn your hips and then push.” 

- Philippe Malvaux


"In my brain, when I catch a wave, I actually talk myself through my waves, and I think that's a crucial thing that you could implement in your surfing. It can be really difficult to do. I think a lot of people stand up on a wave and they're like, okay, I'm on this wave here. I go, let's go down the line. Go, go, go. Oh, it's over. And you don't utilize it to its full potential. So I think for me, slowing it down a little bit more and taking that approach really helps me. It can just be this huge level of excitement that you got the wave, right? But it's like, okay, slow down. Here's a section turn. Okay, nice. Keep going. Pump around that. Here's a floater. All right, let's finish it off. That's a snap. So walking yourself step by step I think will help you a lot."

- Hunter Jones

Hope you learned a thing or two from our podcasts! Stay tuned for next month’s content! 🤙🤙🤙

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