Surf Tips: Thomye Surfs, Antoine Allain & Ian Macpherson of Wooly TV

Here’s a quick recap of podcasts with some of the best surfers and shapers around the world this April 🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♀️

Check out the podcast videos below along with some of our favorite tips from each episode. 


“The big baron, I was just blown away how I could write a 6'8", have all that paddle power and then jump on the tail and still sort of turn it like a shortboard. I just couldn't believe how fast it goes, how easy it is to paddle, and then how it turns. Oh my God, I just floated about a hundred meters along the top of that thing and dropped down and then I put the rail back in and went back into the next section. ”

- Ian Macpherson of Wooly TV 


“You're looking for that tiger. You make yourself small and tight and you're looking for that speed out of it. You're looking for that torque, that speed. You want your hips out, your shoulders to bring your hips to where you go. You want your eyes to be on the prize. And the bottom turn, man, that's the foundation of everything, speed and a good bottom turn.”

- Antoine Allain


“Until the dominator, I never thought about boards in any other way than especially like volume. I bought a five six dominator, but I remember buying my brother a five eight dominator. One day I go to ride his and it rode 10 times better than the five six. So I was kind of surprised because not only is the 5 8 31 liters, which is way above my liter range, it's a lot bigger, wider. So I basically stole the dominator from him. That was the key moment where I started to realize shape and size and design has a lot to do with the surfer. Then the baked potato made me analyze why certain things work for me, and what works for me isn't going to necessarily work for you, right? Because our weight distribution might be different. I'm very heavy front footed. So the baked potato at 5.1, just worked like magic and it just progressed my surfing.”

- Thomye Surfs


Hope you learned a thing or two from our podcasts! Stay tuned for next month’s content! 🤙🤙🤙

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