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"This surf trainer actually works. I live in Texas now and I'm always in paddle shape for when I go back to California"

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"It actually paddles like you're in water and hits all the same muscle groups! I'm gassed after just a 5 minute paddle on this thing!"

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turbocharge your paddle power

Just 10 minutes a day in the comfort of your home.

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finally, a paddle trainer that actually works

10x your wave count? You probably think I'm full of $h!t

You're right. 10x is bull$hit.

BASIS will actually increase your wave count even more.

Don't believe me? It's simple math:

Let's say you go on a week long surf trip or a big swell arrives, but you aren't in shape. You surf 1 session for 2 hrs every day and catch 3 waves per session = 2 hrs of surfing x 3 waves per hour x 3 days = 18 waves.

But then you’re exhausted and need a rest day, and can only surf 1.5 hrs for the remainder of the trip x catch 2 waves per hour x 3 days = 9 waves.

So 18 waves + 9 waves = 27 waves in total.

Compared to if you've been training with BASIS before your trip. You're able to surf 3 sessions a day x 2 hrs at 6 waves per hour for 7 days straight = 252 waves!

252 waves / 27 waves = nearly 10x.

Apply that math to an entire year of surfing and we’re talking more like 100x.

If you 10x your wave count, you'll also 10x the reps you get doing turns and your progression will 10x as well.

If even pros have to train, what about you?

Most of us don't have our own pools or expensive bulky machines that cost $$$$. Luckily, you have BASIS

trusted by everyday surfers

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still don't believe me?

Can I tell you a little secret?

That kooky looking dude with a snapped funboard over there?

Yup, that's me learning to surf at the ripe old age of 28.

I live an hour from the beach where It's inconsistent and often freezing cold in Brooklyn, NY.

I had a demanding job / life and I couldn't surf as much as I wanted to.

The biggest limiting factor was always my paddle fitness.

It would be weeks between swells and I would get gassed just trying to make it out in a thick wetsuit.

I would go on trips, but after just a few days I'd be exhausted and barely able to surf the rest of the trip.

As I've gotten older (I'm 41 now), I just don't recover the way I used to.

Everything felt stacked against me. I even thought about quitting. I loved surfing, but it felt impossible to stay in shape.

Maybe you feel the same way...

Enter BASIS. It changed my life. And it's going to change yours.

The key to progression is more waves. The key to more waves is more paddle power. Training with BASIS 10xed my wave count and progression.

I'm definitely not the best surfer out there, but I am proud of my improvement given everything stacked against me.

And if I can do it, so can you.

your surfing (and your body) will never be the same

That chunky dude on the left? Yup, that's me again. My 40s metabolism wasn't doing me any favors.

I lost 30 pounds training with BASIS along with getting on a physical transformation plan with Coach Lenny V (included as a bonus module!)

The weight loss transformed the my paddling, the ease of my pop-up, the boards I could ride, and the speed of my maneuvers.

Time to get in the best shape of your life.