Swim Landing

Swim faster than ever before

Train on dryland and perform in the water

It's hard to get pool time

Train anytime with hydrafit

Train the same muscles in the same movement pattern as swimming

swim faster

Build swim-specific power and endurance on dryland.

Save time

Train at home and save time commuting and finding open lanes at the pool.

perfect technique

Drill the high elbow catch and analyze your video footage.

Initial feedback on the prototype


This is great. I now have the endurance to go harder and longer where previously I would have been gassed.

Aaron A.

Wow, this actually feels like training in water!

Chris S.

I've tried everything. Elastic bands and pull-ups - nothing really worked. This is is the only thing that really works the same muscles

Ken G.

I wish I had known about this earlier so I could have used it to get ready for my trip!

Keola S.

Easy to use

Install in seconds

Adjust resistance

Choose setup

Get paddle fit

get strong

Put it away

The best compact swim trainer on the market

The HYDRAfit provides the functionality of a $2,300+ Vasa Ergometer with the compact size and convenience of elastic bands.


Take your swimming to the next level.