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“Not everyone has the privilege to paddle every day out in the water so you have to do stuff at home to keep that endurance up.”

Nathan Florence, Big Wave Surfer

10x Your Wave Count: Basis Trainer Bundle

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What's included

  • Basis paddle trainer ($350 value)
  • Bonus video courses ($500 value)
  • Bonus paddle technique analysis ($150 value) - limited time only
  • Bonus virtual surf coaching session ($250 value) - limited time only

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HOw HYDRAfit works

Unlike elastic bands, HYDRAfit provides 0-200lbs of smooth continuous concentric-only resistance.


Train the same muscles in the same movement pattern as paddling in water. You'll feel sore in all the same places.

Training the recovery phase is crucial because it fatigues the small shoulder & upper back muscles quickly.

The neck and back muscles fatigue quickly as well.

Why elastic bands don't work

There's no comparison.

Inconsistent resistance undertrains lats, shoulders, and chest and overtrains triceps so you aren't paddle fit.

Elastic eccentric jerk prevents training crucial recovery phase, delts, rotater cuffs, and traps.

Only one inconsistent level of resistance.

Elastic loses strech quickly.

All-in-one home gym

0-200lbs of resistance.

how hydrafit improves technique

Record yourself paddling on the HYDRAfit and compare it vs our free technique videos to pinpoint flaws.

Then drill the proper technique with the HYDRAfit.

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Elastic bands don't effectively train your paddling. They don't train the catch/pull phase adequately and instead mostly work the triceps. They also prohibit you from training the recovery stroke.

The HYDRAfit is not elastic, it uses static rope with a resistance unit that allows you to effectively train the entire paddle stroke including the recovery.

Elastic bands also lose their elasticity over time and aren't durable. The HYDRAfit is much more durable. It takes years to wear down the rope, and you can easily and cheaply replace it.

The recovery stroke is crucial because it's the part of the stroke that fatigues surfers arms the most. Not training it means that you won't be able to paddle for long durations. HYDRAfit is the only compact trainer that allows you to do that.

The recovery stroke returns your hand from the end of the stroke back to the beginning of the stroke and heavily taxes your rear deltoids, rotator cuffs, and traps. These muscles are amongst the first to fatigue during a long paddle session because they are small and not heavily utilized. That burning in your shoulders during long sessions is actually because of the recovery stroke.

No, the HYDRAfit unit applies resistance to the rope as it passes back and forth through the unit.

No, it will not damage your door - the anchor is cloth. Works with any door and installs in seconds.

You can tie the rope anchor to anything and you can also use it with a suction cup wall anchor.

No, you can use it simply use it standing up and laying down. Or you can use an exercise ball if you have enough space for that.

Think of a pull-up. The concentric phase is when you pull yourself up, eccentric is when you lower yourself back down.

The HYDRAfit is concentric-only so it provides resistance during the catch/pull/push/exit phases of the stroke, but no resistance during the recovery stroke to allow you to return your arm back to its starting position.

Besides paddling, the types of exercises that are possible are limited only by your imagination, but here is a list of some important ones: lat pulldown, chest pulldown, chest press, shoulder press, shoulder front raise, shoulder side raise, bicep curl, tricep pushdown, squat, and deadlift.

No, the resistance unit is friction based and requires no energy.

The HYDRAfit is very durable and will last you many years. The rope should also last several years, but you can easily replace it.