Adam Knox: How to channel power through technique to enhance your surfing

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Adam Knox ( @adamknox_ ) is a former pro that's the younger brother of legendary rail surfer Taylor Knox and has coached some of the best up and coming pro surfers like Caity Simmers, Kade Matson, Tia Blanco, and many more. With his expertise in kinesiology, we dive deep into technique, energy leaks, using surf skates as a tool, and how to improve your turns. 

00:00 Introduction and the Importance of Technique
03:38 Adam's Background and Challenges
10:16 Surfing at 60% and Making Finals
14:29 Taylor Knox and Surfing Competitions
23:46 Using Surfskates as a Training Tool
25:07 Learning from Coaches and Studying Footage
26:05 The Challenges of Surfing
32:12 The Importance of Body Positioning and Weight Distribution
39:08 Mastering Paddling Technique
41:03 Coaching Professional Surfers to Success

43:47 Analyzing and Emulating Successful Surfers

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