Matt Parker of Album Surf: Asyms, Fishes, and Mid lengths

On this week’s podcast we have Matt Parker of @albumsurf, the creative shaper behind some of the most innovative alternative surfboards out there including asyms, twins, fishes, and more. @albumsurf has an incredible team of riders including @victorbernard0, @asher_pacey, @margomargs, and @josh_kerr84. Join us as he shares his journey into shaping and the process of creating unique boards for each of these unique surfers.


00:00 Introduction and Alternative Boards

06:18 Understanding Asymmetrical Boards

14:21 Factors to Consider in Board Design

23:09 Choosing the Right Board

30:45 The Journey of Shaping

37:29 Building a Reputation and Shaping for High-Level Surfers

43:49 Shaping for Josh Kerr and Asher Pacey

45:43 Shaping for Margo 

47:09 Designing Boards for Female Surfers

49:05 Boards Holding Female Surfers Back

50:03 Creating Boards for Coco Ho

51:23 Designing Boards for Women

53:47 Mistakes in Ordering and Picking Boards

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Thumbnail credits: @danscotttt