Clayton Nienaber of Ombe Surf: Understanding Speed, Power, and Flow

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Clayton Nienaber, the surf coach of @ombesurf joins me in this week’s podcast to reveal the key to unlocking better surfing by understanding the mechanics of a wave and learning about speed, power, and flow.


00:00 Starting with a Passion for Surfing

04:15 Transitioning to Board Shaping

07:41 The Importance of Making Mistakes

10:28 Understanding Surfing Levels: Freeze, Flight, Fight, Flow

13:22 The Relationship Between Speed, Power, and Flow

19:11 The Power and Energy of Waves

21:04 Surfing with Speed, Power, and Flow

25:13 The Importance of Early Bottom Turns

28:07 The Combination of Rider Input and Wave Power

30:36 Transitioning Between Different Board Designs

40:16 Choosing the Right Board for Different Waves

42:10 Using Cameras to Analyze Wave Performance

44:35 The Importance of Reading the Bottom of the Wave

45:38 The Process of Learning to Surf

47:00 Understanding Different Parts of the Wave

48:56 The Debate: Head Up vs Head Down When Paddling

58:01 Using Surfskate to Improve Surfing Technique

01:05:39 Teaching Sensation Rather than Replicating Surfing

01:09:04 The Showdown: Head Up vs Head Down Paddling

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