Dan Mann: Secrets to shaping for Kelly Slater and everyday surfers

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In this week's podcast, the shaper behind Kelly Slater’s magic boards, @dan__mann, joined me to talk about the secrets of making boards that are high performance enough for the pros but also super user friendly for the everyday surfer.

00:00 Introduction and Background
03:42 The Design Principles of the Dominator Boards
14:40 The Influence of High-Performance Shaping on User-Friendly Boards
26:09 The Role of Paddling Skills in Surfing
28:06 Finding the Right Balance: Volume and Planing Surface for Small Waves
39:03 Collaborating with Kelly Slater: Designing High-Performance Boards
53:09 The Importance of Physical Fitness and Paddle Speed in Surfing

55:53 Embracing the Process: Trying Different Boards for Optimal Performance

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