Dave Allee of Almond Surfboards: Even 2 ft waves can be firing

In this podcast I interviewed Dave Allee the founder of @almondsurfboards and talked about how with the right attitude and the right equipment, even 2 ft can be firing, which is their company ethos. It’s a super interesting discussion about the right craft for small waves including midlengths, longboards, and single fins.


00:00 Introduction and the Importance of Equipment

03:47 Origin Story of Almond Surfboards

05:45 Getting Started in Shaping

08:07 Transitioning to Alternative Boards

10:03 Benefits of Riding a Log

14:47 Influence of Newport Beach on Almond Surfboards

21:45 Regional Differences in Board Design

24:10 Choosing a Longboard

26:32 The Surf Nice Longboard Model

27:29 Sizing the Length of the Board

29:24 Choosing a Board for Beginners

31:19 The Benefits of Single Fins

32:10 Transitioning to Smaller Craft

36:00 The Philosophy of Mid-Length Boards

44:04 The 5'4" R Series Foamie

47:15 Working with Andy Nieblas

51:05 The Perfect Wave

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