Finding Your Magic Surf Board with Surf n Show

In this episode we have Noel Salas, surfboard reviewer and host of Surf ‘n Show (@surf_n_show). Known for his comprehensive surfboard reviews, Noel’s insights have become a trusted resource for surfers looking to invest in new gear. He discusses the process of dialing in surfboards, how to find the right volume, the importance of speed and rails in surfing, the progression of surfboard design, his favorite boards, transitioning between boards, the experience of surfing in a wave pool, and his top tips for how to improve as a surfer.

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00:00 The Importance of Speed and Rails in Surfing

01:35 Noel Salas’ Background

08:33 How Surf n Show Started

21:23 Progression in Surfboard Design

26:44 Favorite Boards and Dialing in Dimensions

35:27 Transitioning Between Boards

39:05 Wave Pool Surfing

39:10 Tips for Improving Surfing