How to noseride and turn longboards with Kassia Meador

Kassia Meador (@kassiasurf) shares her experiences and insights on longboarding. She starts out with her roots from surfing with her dad in C-Street and Malibu, to contests in Costa Rica and Australia and to eventually getting sponsored by Roxy. She shares her insights on noseriding and turning logs, emphasizing the importance of slowing down and moving with precision. She discusses her own take on style and her focus on refining skills by trying out as many boards as she can and talks about her unique surf retreats in Nicaragua with @riseupsurfretreats.

Check out her online course titled “Definitive Guide to Longboarding” at @theinertia.

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Show notes with time stamps at the bottom 👇

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00:00 Introduction and Surfing Community

06:05 Memorable Surfing Experience

11:37 Getting Into Surfing

16:09 Career Takeoff

20:40 Approach to Surfing and Style

26:55 Tips for Beginner Longboarders

32:22 Noseriding as a Goofy-Foot

38:39 Focus on Surfing and Developing New Boards

49:38 Surf Retreats in Nicaragua

50:32 Activities on Surf Retreats

53:21 The Perfect Wave