Hunter Jones: How to score surf in LA to Iceland

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Surfing with icebergs in Iceland, dodging sharks at Trestles, and scoring double overhead waves at Manhattan Beach - in this episode of the Basis Podcast, pro surfer and filmmaker, Hunter Jones (@hunterjones), discusses all this and shares his experience with oxygen deprivation training with big wave legend Laird Hamilton.

00:00 The Journey of a Pro Surfer: From South Bay to the World
03:54 Transitioning from Longboarding to Shortboarding: A Surfer's Story
07:05 Inside the World of Surfing: Hunter Jones' Career and Experiences
23:12 From WSL to Branching Out: A Surfer's Journey
29:37 Unique Surfing Experiences: Iceland, Sharks, and More
42:30 The Power of Intentions: Catching Waves with Purpose

44:27 Inspiring Others: Sharing the Passion for Surfing

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