Philippe Malvaux: On improving Kanoa Igarashi's carve and working with Julian WIlson

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Philippe Malvaux ( @philippemalvaux_surfcoaching ) is a former ASP judge, coach, and the team manager for Hurley and during his time has worked with and coached an incredible list of pro surfers including Kanoa Igarashi, Julian Wilson, Carissa Moore and John John Florence to name a few. In this week’s episode of Basis Surf Podcast, we delve into what he does with the big names to get them surfing so good, his adventures as a team manager for Hurley, his tips and tricks to better carves, and how to efficiently generate speed on a wave.

00:00 Introduction and Background
13:37 The Importance of Building Relationships and Creating Good Memories
25:26 Improving the Forehand Carving Turn: Philippe's Work with Kanoa Igarashi
30:23 Analyzing Footage and Going Backward: Finding the Root Cause of Technical Issues
32:23 The Importance of Speed in Surfing
35:49 Generating Speed through Intention and Wave Usage
39:15 Body Positioning for Speed and Power
46:56 Coaching Approach: Video Analysis and Personalized Feedback

01:03:51 The Value of Sharing Knowledge in Surfing

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