Surfing Jaws with Coconut Willie

Big wave pro surfer, @coconut_willie , shares his journey into surfing and his experiences at Jaws. The conversation covers key skills for surfing bigger waves, equipment preferences, and tips for backside barrel riding. He also shares stories about being a coconut distributor in Hawaii and compares climbing a tree to surfing a massive wave. He opens up about his most memorable wave ever and the thrills of big wave surfing.

Show notes with time stamps at the bottom 👇

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00:00 Introduction and Coconut Willie's Background

03:04 Crazy Coconut Stories

05:48 Journey into Big Wave Surfing

09:53 Progression in Surfing

12:41 First Experiences at Jaws

17:26 Key Skills for Surfing Bigger Waves

19:45 Equipment Preferences

20:15 Tips for Backside Barrel Riding

21:39 Most Memorable Wave

22:59 Conclusion