Thomye Surfs: The surfboards that changed his life

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In this week’s podcast, I had the chance to talk to surfboard reviewer Thomye of @thomyesurfs who probably surfs waves that are the smaller everyday mushy beach breaks that a lot of us surf regularly. We talked about the surfboards that changed his life, how he optimizes his boards, and a ton of other helpful tips.


00:00 Getting Started in Surfing

04:51 The Importance of Consistency in Surfing Progression

08:09 The Impact of Equipment on Surfing Performance

12:31 Plateaus in Surfing Progression

13:26 Choosing the Right Surfboard

14:52 Surfing Small Waves

19:38 The Impact of Volume on Surfing Performance

27:21 Finding the Right Volume for Your Surfing

29:47 Favorite Boards for Small Waves

31:13 The Mashup and Baked Potato Boards

31:42 Comparison between the Mashup and Baked Potato

34:07 Preference for the Mashup over the Baked Potato

35:01 Preference for the FT over the Baked Potato

36:27 Preference for the Quad Setup on the FT

38:16 The Benefits of Experimenting with Different Boards

39:13 The Negative Impact of Riding a Bad Board

40:12 The Influence of Kelly Slater on Surfing

43:02 The Importance of Filming and Analyzing Surfing Footage

46:23 Overcoming Fear and Learning to Do Airs

50:14 Tips for Older Surfers

54:04 Favorite Mid-Length Boards

57:24 The Positive and Negative Impact of Kelly Slater on Surfing

01:01:15 Dream Wave and Surfing with Friends

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