Twin fins and Midlengths with Ryan Lovelace

In this episode, @ryanlovelace , a super innovative surfboard maker and creator, joins us. He shapes everything from crazy alternative boards to high-performance craft. He shares his experience on riding the V-Bowls, insights on midlengths, surfboard feelings, his fin setups, board testing, twin fin design, and his unique perspective. We’ll dive into all that and more, including the ins and outs of tuning your craft and picking the right board. Riding one of Ryan’s boards has been a mind-expanding experience for many, including me.


Show notes with time stamps at the bottom 👇


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00:00 Introduction and the Evolution of Midlength Boards

03:00 The Inspiration and Background of Shaping Midlength Boards

06:00 Defining the Purpose and Characteristics of Midlength Boards

09:00 The Versatility and Applicability of Midlength Boards

12:00 The Design Process and Evolution of the V-Bowls

18:00 V-Bowls to Thick Lizzy to FM

26:00 The Importance of Fin Setups in Shaping Boards

32:00 Shaping for High-Performance Surfers and the Surfer-Shaper Relationship

39:00 Shaping Boards for William Aliotti and the Unique Twinfin Design

47:43 Designing Boards for Speed and Control

49:07 Designing Boards for Different Surfers

51:03 Shaping Boards Based on Feedback and Experience

52:29 The Perspective of an Average Surfer

55:12 Mistakes in Board Selection

58:02 Closing Remarks and Shoutouts