Unlocking Longboard and Twinnies with Anthony Spencer

In this episode, Anthony Spencer (@anthonyspenncer), a twin fin and longboard aficionado with silky style from Western Australia, discusses his approach to surfing, his experience riding different surfboard types and how they each influence his style, starting with shortboards and transitioning to longboards and then to twin fins. He also talks about the importance of matching boards to the surf conditions and the value of having a fitness routine to help prevent injuries instead of dealing with them after the fact. He also shares his insights on style, emphasizing the importance of slowing things down and proper weight distribution in turns. He also talks about how surfing boards by @thomassurfboards helped take his surfing to the next level.

Show notes with time stamps at the bottom 👇

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00:00 Introduction and Variety of Surf Craft

02:18 Getting Into Surfing and Transitioning to Longboarding

04:14 Transitioning from Shortboarding to Longboarding

06:34 Riding a Twinnie and Turning Techniques

08:33 Turning a Longboard vs. Turning a Twinnie 

10:26 Riding a Mid-Length Board

12:47 Tips for Turning a Log and a Twin Fin

17:51 Developing Style and Slowing Down

23:13 Approach to Surfing a Twinnie vs. a Shortboard

25:38 Training and Injury Prevention

30:36 Working with Shaper Thomas Bexon

41:12 Upcoming Film Projects