On Style, Twins, and Asym Surfboards with Victor Bernardo

Victor Bernardo (@victorbernard0) is one of the most talented free surfers in the world with a silky but explosive style and in this podcast we dive deep into how he developed his style and technique, the boards he rides from @albumsurf, and his journey through surfing. 


00:00 Introduction and Early Surfing Years

03:40 Growing Up in Brazil and Surfing Near Sao Paulo

08:00 Surfing Culture in Brazil

12:13 Getting Into Competing

16:10 Natural Talent and Hard Work

17:27 Working with Coaches

21:18 Impact of Coaching on Surfing Style

24:59 Influences on Surfing Style

28:15 Transition from Competing to Free Surfing

30:42 Collaboration with Album Surf

34:03 Experience with Asymmetrical Boards

39:49 Riding Twins and Adjusting to Different Boards

42:05 Transition to Living in the US

45:06 Living the Dream

48:30 Support from Sponsors

50:44 The VB Secret Menu

56:31 Competing with Alternative Boards

57:43 Advice for Everyday Surfers

59:19 Shout Outs

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