My Favorite Surfboard Ding Repair Options

Dinging your board can be a real bummer, but luckily, there are multiple options available, each with its pros and cons. Let's take a closer look at these options, listed in the order of my most common choices:

    • Stuff Wax into the Ding:
      • Pros: This one is good to know in case you ding your board and the waves are pumping and you don’t want to go in 
      • Cons: Not very permanent, recommended only for emergencies and small dings.
    • Duct Tape:
      • Pros: Another temporary fix.
      • Cons: Not very effective, best suited for emergency situations.
    • Fixing it Yourself Properly:
      • Pros: It can be cost-effective, permanent, and look good (if you have the skills).
      • Cons: Unless you possess the skills and have ample time, I wouldn't recommend it. 
    • Solarez / Suncure:
      • Pros: This is perhaps the most common method.
      • Cons: I'm not a fan of it because it involves applying a gel to the ding and then waiting for it to cure in the sun. This can be problematic in scenarios such as:
        • If you dinged your board during a sunset session and need it fixed for a sunrise session, you can't rely on the sun.
        • Cloudy days or a lack of sunlight can hinder the curing process.
        • Old or a bad batch of Solarez/Suncure can take forever to cure even in direct sunlight.
        • If your board is new and bright white, be prepared to let it bake in the hot sun for a couple of hours, which can yellow the board.
    • Ding Putty:
      • Pros: This is my preferred method for fixing dings. You apply the putty and immediately go in the water, which hardens in 5-10 minutes without requiring sun curing. It can be molded to fix almost any ding and offers a super-strong, permanent solution. It’s also cheap - one tube will last you a really long time.
      • Cons: It may not always result in a perfectly clean finish; the repaired area may have a gray color and a slightly lumpy appearance. For exceptionally nice boards where aesthetics matter, I use Ding Putty or Ding Zap as a temporary fix and then seek professional repair. 
    • Ding Zap:
      • Pros: Ding Zap is essentially a special waterproof tape that can provide a clean and nearly invisible repair, making it ideal for nice boards.
      • Cons: It may not offer a completely permanent solution but can last through several sessions. Can also be a little bit tricky to apply.
    • Professional Repair:
      • Pros: This is my go-to choice for major dings in critical parts of the surfboard, such as the tail, rails, or the back half of the board's bottom near the fins. It's also the preferred option for exceptionally nice aesthetic boards.
      • Cons: Professional repair can be more expensive but ensures a high-quality, long-lasting fix.

In conclusion, the right ding repair option depends on the specific situation. 

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