Surf Tips: Dan Mann, Leah Dawson & Duke Aipa

It’s almost time to ditch your wetsuits! Join me as we look back at some of the best tips from our guests on this month of May’s Basis Surf Podcast packed with gems. 🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♀️

Here’s a quick recap of podcasts with some of the best surfers and coaches around the world this May:

Check out the podcast videos below along with some of our favorite tips from each episode. 


"I'm going to get my foot back even if I look like a total kook and I blow it, I'm going to have my foot all the way back, or at least if I'm going down the line, I'll have it on the middle of the pad and then when I go, I'm not going to initiate a turn until it's up against the kick pad. So that kind of discipline. The other thing, when you hop up, just do one little shimmy with your front foot, get your front foot back, and then that automatically draws your back foot back. you see the top guys do it all the time. When you go get up, put your hands on where you're going to hop up just a little further back."

- Dan Mann


“I think certain boards help because if I was on shortboard thrusters the whole time, then there's only so much you can so arch on a shortboard thruster, those boards need to be pumped. I encourage people to just stand there and feel their heart open, whatever they want to do with their arms, let it fly. Be the bird that we all have inside of us. 

It is just kind of allowing ourselves to get out of our own heads and just if we can feel good just standing there, that was some of the first advice that, one of the first conversations I ever had with Gerry Lopez, he's like, I never understood why people try and do these radical maneuvers before they can even just stand there and look good. There's so much emphasis on doing the maneuver without any emphasis on the posture whilst doing the maneuver.”

- Leah Dawson


“I think you have to start in a neutral position and figure it out yourself because everyone's surfing is different, I would say you have your forward fin and your trailer. I would go right here, right in the middle. Because quickly you're going to figure out if you're driving, you're like, oh, I got to go this way. Oh bottom turn, I got to go this way.”

- Duke Aipa of Aipa Surf



Hope you learned a thing or two from our podcasts! Stay tuned for next month’s content! 🤙🤙🤙


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