Weird waxing tip!

Nothing is worse than paddling out when it’s pumping and blowing the wave of the day because you don’t have enough wax. This is a weird tip that I’d never heard of before, but my buddy was waxing the top of his feet before we went out to surf and I was like what are you doing dude you going crazy? He asked me - do you ever notice how it’s often times it’s the first wave where you’ll slip off your surfboard? 

Well he got this tip from pro surfer Travis Logie - what you want to do is wax the top of your feet, so that when you’re paddling out you can rub the top of one foot with your other foot so this way both bottoms of your feet are sticky with wax and you’re ensuring maximal traction from the get go.

I know that some surfers like Kelly Slater will also wax their trackpad, but I did hear a warning that if you wax your trackpad you have to keep waxing it to keep it sticky.

Another tip in this regard is I almost always carry a little nub of wax in my boardshorts to add wax on the go. 

Happy surfing!


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